AA Aztec Football Academy Players and Officials Jet Off To Portugal For Trial


In a landmark moment for the academy, President Prince Ademola Olawepo Shennowo led a talented group of players of the Non-League Ibadan based side, AA Aztec FA to Portugal for a prestigious trial with ClubAthlectico.

The one-month scouting program wil offer a unique opportunity for the players to showcase their skills and learn from top European coaches.

The experience will be a dream come true for the young players, who is ready to train tirelessly and compete against top players from the team.

The trial which will not only test their physical limits but also provide valuable exposure to international football standards.

Ten players and 3 official flew out of Nigeria from Lagos on Tuesday, 2nd of July and have now arrived and settled down in Portugal for the task ahead which will last for a month.

The academy’s president, Prince Shennowo, expressed his pride in the team’s dedication and passion.

“This trial will be a significant step forward for our academy, and we’re thrilled to see our players grow and develop on the global stage.”

“The Portugal trial will mark a new chapter in AA Aztec Football Academy’s journey, and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on our players’ future, he concluded.


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